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What percentage of breakage should you expect on a shipment of hatching eggs?
You should expect a normal rate of 1% to 2% breakage during transportation.

What is the mortality rate on live baby chicks?
We add 2% of extra chicks to cover normal mortality during transportation, but if higher, you need to start a claim with the airline on arrival of your baby chicks.

How long after my payment will I receive my order?
From 1 to 4 weeks later.

What should I do if I see any problems with my shipment (chicks or eggs)?
All shipments should be checked thoroughly by customer, take pictures if possible and report within 24 hours mortality with your final claim. It is up to the customer to begin any claim proceedings with the airline on arrival of cargo.

What temperature should the hatching eggs be stored during transportation?
Normal temperature should be between 60?F to 65?F

What vaccines do you give day old broilers and day old layer chicks?
We vaccinate according to customer requests and own needs.
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