The Highest Quality In Eggs & Poultry

GRAMMATIKAKIS POULTRY AND LIVESTOCK has been operating as a family owned and operated business since 1962. We originally began with our quail breeding, hatching and growing operations. Throughout the years of continual expansion, we have grown to become a major breeder of many different strains of poultry.

We, at GRAMMATIKAKIS POULTRY AND LIVESTOCK are one of the largest producers of top quality commercial brown and white layer hatching eggs.

We are the solo distributors and producers for the Novogen breed in the USA.

We also work with many other breeds (Novogen/Hyline/Lohmann) available to satisfy our customers' need.

We export to all parts of the world, including South and Central America and the Caribbean, Mexico, Canada, all Europe, Africa, the Middle East and the Far East; with excellent daily flights to all major destinations.
Phones: +(30)699-252-0733
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